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What is Web Hosting? What is a Domain Name? [Explained]

What is Domain and Hosting ACTUALLY? Many people call us and  what is the domain and hosting? I’ll write a article for those who ask such questions. Here’s what’s the domain? What is hosting? What are they used for and where they are found?

1) What is the domain?

To create a website you need to give a name to your website, And the name of the website is called domain. The name that people will find your website from www is called domain. Like we find Facebook, Google is to find us and our’s Domains are not only available from .com, but also by different types of domains for different categories websites. Everyone uses .com for business or general use. However, people use different domain extensions for different types of websites such as .org for organization, .net  for networking sites, .info for information sites, etc.

The domain mentioned above is a premium domain. You have to buy them with money to use them on your website. Usually, such domains cost between $10-$20 for a year.

2) What is web hosting?

Many people know what the domain is but don’t know what hosting is. If you buy a domain, you buy a name on your website. You need to put your website on a computer that will be on 24 hours and 365 days a year. Hosting companies allow you to keep your website on a server that is always on. Hosting companies pay monthly or annual money. Different companies promote hosting at different prices. You have to buy and use the amount of space you need from their server. And the place you buy for your website is hosting. You can also keep your website on your home computer if you want but is your home PC turned on for 24 hours 365 days!! Your visitor will not be able to view your website unless you put the website on your PC, The PC you host your website will always be turned on. Your visitors will see your website only if the hosted computer always on.

Hosting companies in USA, including the world’s hosting companies, sell different types of hosting. For example: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, etc.

Many people who don’t know think domain hosting is the same thing. Or buy one and get two. No, domain is one thing and hosting is another thing. You’ll have to buy two tie with a separate payment. However, people who sell hosting usually sell domains. You can buy 2 tie from the same provider if you want. You can buy from a different company if you want to. But I would say that if you buy domains and hosting from the same company, it will benefit your maintenance.

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