Indonesia Srau Beach is Natural Capital of East Java Pacitan

Indonesia Srau Beach

Indonesia Srau Beach is located 25 km from the city Pacitan, precisely in the Candi village,  Pringkuku District. indonesia Srau beach have 3 beaches location. In the east to see the sunrise, in the western part to see the sunset, and that the center has extensive views out to sea, plus the large stones that stands proudly in the middle of the sea. Travel to indonesia Srau beach somewhat difficult to reach, because rarely passed by public transport. Along the way will pass through the edge of the green and leafy forests, far from human habitation. Indonesia Srau beach is a beach that is rarely visited and somewhat still a virgin. Therefore, beauty is completely natural. There are high cliffs and beach typical of many wild plants that still look lush and natural. In addition, many small islands that are uninhabited whenever hard hit by the waves, will add to the beauty of the beach panorama. Pacitan famous 1001 cities cave, there is even one beautiful cave no. 2 in Southeast Asia, namely Gong Cave. Besides Pacitan caves also have dozens or even hundreds of beautiful beach are not known by tourists one of them Indonesia Srau beach. Pacitan will progress if its natural tourist sector is well managed and properly, so that will add to foreign exchange and local communities prosper.

Informally, Srau Beach Indonesia is divided into 3 locations. The first location is located closest to the location of the checkpoint entry into Indonesia Srau beach. At the first location, the most prominent and is unique compared to the other three locations are rocks sticking out and a lot of hills forming around the shoreline. This location is very clear waters with the dominant blue color means not a lot of algae and its depth is quite terrible. To condition the sandy tidal region is not rocky, and the waves were quite fierce as it is often not very high.

Location Indonesia Srau beach after our second is located down a small paved road from the guard post at the entrance to the west. The second location is a favorite location for visitors or tourists as well as young people who are romantic couple for dating. At the second location is reserved seating made ??of concrete with a position overlooking the beach. In this location, we can meet the merchants drinks and food to hold merchandise. For Indonesia Srau beach conditions at both locations have the waves are quite tame, but still dangerous. Conditions sandy beach but there are also rocks, but not as much as the first location. Part Srau Beach Indonesia is often used as the location of surfing, not only by locals, but also by foreign tourists. Typical of this second place and a must-see is the sea cave located on in the easternmost part of this second location.

Indonesia Srau Beach

The third location, which is a favorite location of tourists who love the beauty of the sunset, located to the west of the location of the second or located on the most western part of the Indonesia Srau beach. In this section there are facilities in the form of a small bridge. From the platform we can enjoy the charming view of the sunset. The beach itself is not very interesting because it is a small bay directly facing the Indian Ocean, with a sandy beach and surf conditions are relatively small but quite deep waters. In between the second and third locations, there is a place known only to a few people, mainly by fishermen who sometimes visited this place. beach with a pretty location difficult to reach because it is a part of beach surrounded by hills, so to achieve this we had to ride down the hill first. But it will pay off fatigue because in that place, we can play with sea water during the day without fear of overheating due to high hill and protect the Indonesia Srau beach at this location. In addition, just off the Indonesia Srau beach can we see a large rock and a tail shaped like a shark.

Basic tidal areas in Indonesia Srau beach sand but not a coral rock, so we can down the Indonesia Srau beach without setting foot on the sand we had the beach and in the crevices of the rocks, especially in a place that is really protected from the sun , we can find a variety of marine animals such as sea cucumbers, sea stars, and sea urchins. For the brave, you could just climb hills scattered coral Srau beach Indonesia’s to enjoy the view of a stretch of the offshore Indian Ocean. Not infrequently residents or travelers about using these hills as a place to sit and fishing. For travelers who like the challenge so we need to try, to be able to get to the ‘safe’ or peak coral hills, we have to jump here and there that we step on the soil or rock is not yet sharp rocks. So to do necessary prudence and great courage. Check out the other Indonesian beaches at EMaxbet