Kizkalesi Castle in Turkey

Kizkalesi castle in Turkey

Kizkalesi means Maidens Castle the romantic name for the Crusader castle floating within the blue water 150 meters offshore out of this eastern Mediterranean beach resort town. These castles were part of the ancient city of Korykos and it is about 60km west of Mersin on the way to Antalya. The castle can easily be seen if you are on the coastal road from Mersin to Antalya because it will very visible on your left as you go by it. You realize youve arrived in Kizkalesi whenever you place the floating castle. Sitting some 1000 ft offshore, its the focus with this sandy little town in southern Poultry. Walking the beach or relaxing in a Deserted shorefront bar, the Maiden castle is virtually the very best and just factor to check out.

However this is not the only real castle around. At one finish from the beach, more destroyed and fewer captured pics of, another fortress lies. Maybe less than gripping as ngay, Korykos castle used to be better. (Of course, though, it simply does not look as awesome.)

Turkey Kizkalesi castle

Natural provides hiding for that line this area of ​​the coast are created much more attractive by plentiful freshwater springs, that have been a Significant part of existence here forever. Situated in a proper reason for the Eastern Mediterranean, Korykos, as Kizkalesi was known as under Greek rule, used to be in the naval Crossroads between a holiday in Greece, Cyprus and also the Middle Eastern states Further south. It changed hands many times, grew and then diminished, and eventually came to be ruled by the Byzantian Emperors for a short time. It was during the Byzantine era that the two castles were constructed – the 12th century rulers were worried about pirates more than anything, and were trying to fortify the port.

Kizkalesi castle Turkey

Amazing Kizkalesi castle

The sailing activity ongoing through the middle ages, a lot of it Committed by Moorish and Cypriot motorboats. Lots of this Mediterranean piracy was really centered on land raids, and also the population in the region moved from the water towards the inland fields. Still, the Korykos and Maiden forts were maintained to protect the harbor, and also to behave as basics for any number of Byzantine naval ships that patrolled the regional waters.

Kizkalesi is a great resort for your vacation. It has fine sand beaches with motels and hotels beautiful and romantic that you stay during your visit. You can easily find the seafood restaurant, bar and camping sites in the area
If you decide to visit the castle, there is a minimal entrance fee and you can go to the castle on the beach with a boat that has a fee per person or if you are in a tour group, you can hire a rowing boat to reach the castle.